We don't plant trees ...

... for clothes you buy at Treehopper.

When done correctly, planting a tree results in a net gain for the environment. However, we chose not to plant a tree with every order you place for a couple of reasons:

        1. As consumers, we often fail to realize that the benefits of planting a tree, which are promised when buying a piece of clothing, are exaggerated compared to reality. This leads us to believe we are making a more significant contribution towards sustainability than we actually are, resulting in complacency.
        2. Tree planting has become a widespread practice, but unfortunately, it is now extensively used for 'greenwashing' purposes. While many tree planting projects are proliferating due to marketing success, it's essential to recognize that tree planting is complex & if done incorrectly may lead to unintended harm to the environment. Not all brands invest as much time & effort as we do in conducting thorough due diligence for our sustainability efforts. However, the mere act of "tree planting for every order" can create misplaced trust, which might carry over to other brands that unintentionally cause more harm than benefit to sustainability.

    So we decided that we will not market ourselves focussed on tree planting for your support of our brand. 

    We Do plant trees as a part of broader objective of enabling practical measure of sustainability. For us, sustainability is optimal use of resources which impacts our day to day lives which ranges from climate to water, human resources, food and more.  Feel free to reach out to us if you want to learn more about our efforts.

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    Go Treehoppers!

    Based on our internal research & external references (a few noted here, for a full list you can contact us at hello@thetreehopper.com):

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