Core principles

Collectively our team has experience of over 100 years in apparels, supply chain, sustainability and data sciences. We have tracked various efforts made by established brands and emerging brands alike in order to tackle the slow-evolving crisis of sustainability. But those attempts are simply not working. Based on our analyses they are simply climbing the wrong hill.

So we set out a few core principles, and we launched Treehopper to bring this vision to reality.

  1. Sustainability is not an absolute concept. It is not a black or white. We all are sustainable in our own ways. Also, we take a leap and claim that we all want to live work towards sustainability. The only difference is in our perspectives whether that how much effort needs to be made differs among us.
  2. For us achieving sustainability is not a rigorous set of actions, but the act of trying to make work towards sustainability at our own pace is all that is needed. 
  3. We believe in small things we do everyday to live sustainably.
  4. We believe in constant trying to achieve perfection, not achieving perfection
  5. Second, It is not the change in consumption behavior but simple change in not being reluctant to talk about how it impacts their own lives on a daily basis and talk to your friends, family and those you might run into during normal day to day activities 

We believe there is not absolute answer for sustainability, but the true answer is “trying to be sustainable”

As you will find more, in order to out our vision into practice we launched Treehopper.


Neither slow nor fast fashion, but focussed on every day essentials manufactured using premium 100% organic cotton, with our partner factories which ensure workers are paid fair wages and minimizing our carbon footprint.